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Day-To-Night Transformation

Learn how to transition your look from daytime simplicity to evening glamour

3 hr


Day-To-Night Transformation will teach you all the essential beauty techniques, tools and products needed to master transitioning your makeup look from daytime simplicity to evening glamour.

Over the course of two sessions, Eva will help you create easy-to-follow makeup routines, using the army of tips and tricks she’s learned from her decades in the industry. She will teach you how to master the art of makeup, using the renowned “half-face” technique – applying products to one half of your face for you to watch, before letting you practice on the other half, all under her expert guidance.


- Shopping experience (60-90 minutes): Eva will help you choose the ultimate makeup kit, customised to your own needs and preferences

- Day-to-night makeup lesson (90-120 minutes): Learn how to create two very different makeup looks – one for daytime elegance, one for evening glamour – and how to transition between the two

- Digital recap: A post-session photo or video report showing the step-by-step techniques used in your lesson

- 3x retouched headshots

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