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Eva Patel Complete Beauty

Learn how to create a variety of looks for any occasion – the ultimate introduction to makeup

10 hr


Eva Patel Complete Beauty is the ultimate introduction to makeup – a comprehensive package that provides you with all the essential beauty techniques, products, tools and makeup looks you’ll ever need.

Eva will help you create easy-to-follow makeup routines for any occasion, using the army of tips and tricks she’s learned from her decades in the industry. She will teach you how to master the art of makeup, using the renowned “half-face” technique – applying products to one half of your face for you to watch, before letting you practice on the other half, all under her expert guidance.

The Eva Patel Complete Beauty package comprises eight sessions, which can be combined if preferred. The package is valid for one year after purchase, with EP Beauty Complete customers receiving automatic priority for scheduling sessions with Eva.


- Makeup kit review (60-90 minutes): Eva will go through your existing makeup and skincare routine, providing customised product recommendations
- Shopping experience (60-90 minutes): Eva will help you choose the ultimate makeup kit, tailored to your own needs and preferences
- Natural makeup lesson (90 minutes): Learn how to create a classic natural makeup look, using the “half-face” technique
- Glam makeup lesson (90 minutes): Learn how to create a dazzling evening makeup look, using the “half-face” technique
- Digital recaps: Receive post-session photo or video reports showing the step-by-step techniques used in each lesson
- Retouched headshots: 3x photos for each look
- Follow-up makeup lesson (60 minutes): One-on-one refresher session with Eva to practice the techniques learnt from previous makeup lessons
- Makeup application sessions (3x sessions, 60 minutes each): Eva will come create and apply a makeup look of your choice – ideal for events or special occasions

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